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Do you struggle with

Weight Control

Have you tried every diet and keep gaining weight back? Pairing exercise with healthy nutrition will keep it off!


Lack of support and motivation can hinder your health and fitness goals. Our great support system will help!


Are you unsure what a healthy diet really means? We will resolve that for you.


Are you busy supporting everyone else and there’s no time left to support yourself? We will be your accountability partner!


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

Step 1


Get Started

Free Coaching Session

Choose a time to meet with a coach so that we can learn about you and your goals, fitness history, and assess basic movement.

Step 2


Define Your Goals

Plan For Success

Formulate a plan that will best balance what you want and need to reach your goals safely and efficiently.

Step 3


Start Training

See Great Results

Work towards your goals alongside a supportive community full of people who are eager to celebrate your success!

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What our members are saying

Great Place to Work Out

“Great place to work out. They can’t force you to do the work but if you show up, they will give you the tools and opportunity to see results. It’s a cool environment with just the right mix of folks to make it fun. I’m not the type to get intimidated by going to a gym, but if folks are, this place seems really laid back. I have seen great results in my strength and conditioning.”

-Dan U.

Supportive Community

“Battle Axe Crossfit in Collierville is a wonderful place to work out. The coaches challenge you to do your personal best. They have built a very supportive community around health and fitness. The entire staff is welcoming. Kids are also welcome. I have seen great results in just a short period of time. I highly recommend them.”

-Amy L.

Balancing my Health

“It’s my personal effort to be a good steward of all I have been blessed with, to include my body. But for me joining the CrossFit community and being a part of Battle Axe, contributes to balancing my social, emotional and physical health. Walking into the doors of the gym is essential to my medical care profile, it is a part of my preventative alternative medical care plan, physical, emotional, and mental. Maintaining myself, so that I can be there for my family and close friends.” -Betty T